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The web 2.0, in IT consulting. What is Web 2.0? Useful content clear and easy to navigate sites. A web friend, which makes find to your customers what they are looking for. The network, which was little more than an advertising media, is now a powerful two directions mean of communication. While Web 1.0 was a kind of television, where, moreover, appear was very expensive, web 2.0 allows visibility to all. The IT Consulting in web 2.0 completely changes, the number of channels available and contained much more targeted and effective. Here we present our vision on the evolution of computer consulting, from service to the working group of which the customer is an basical part. In the web 2.0 and web marketing, the new web-oriented marketing the knowledge of the customer in its field reach the importance that deserve. Because those who see our websites and our advertising are no longer a passive spectators, but a demanding customer prepared and able to find what he looks for, who looks and compare products before to make his choice, knowing he had at his disposal all the information to choose the best , the "spot" advertising is no longer enough to almost not even begin.

These are just some of the topics that we deal with, tell us your opinion in our forum, we'll wait.

The IT Consulting in Web 2.0 has been renewed completely
The many new tools available to offer services and those who use them for business, pleasure, or simple curiosity.
The opportunities that these tools offer, until recently confined to work and now available everywhere.
The redefinition of the whole concept of marketing, a revolution unthinkable until a few years ago and today accomplished.
Renew your website

The standard web 2.0 not only makes life easier for your customers and makes your site more "beautiful", but it is the starting point in the competition of communication with your competitors, make your content clear and accessible to those who need you. And our task is make them find it. The SEO is this, allow your site to communicate what you have to offer.
Optimizing your site for search engines

Once your site is easy, ready to be navigated easy and full of good contents, that is, the advisory SEO (SEO, search engine optimization), is to get more hits to your website, and a website that works makes you find new customers. The visibility of your website and the management of your communication, bring the Internet to work of your business. Every day there are customers who are looking for new suppliers, you want to find?
Marketing on social networks

 Use the opinion of your customers to promote you on the platforms "social network." In numbers is immediate: 18,000,000 Italians use Facebook and Google plus. And the web marketing is the right tool to meet this demand. And yet, business continuity, software, freeware or often with ridiculous costs, especially with respect to solving problems, to ensure the highest level of security possible for our data, ten years ago it was an investment accessible to a few, it is now within the reach of everyone.
QR code

The new entry most interesting in recent months. It is at least two decades old, but today they are within everyone's reach, in smatphone in their pockets. They're called qr barcode, smartcode .. In a thousand ways. Those codes are square we see on advertising and on products of any kind now, are very useful under many points of view, and above all, cheap. Qr code into your page talk about it in more detail.

Web 2.0 is now, use it immediately!





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